Household Management 101 & 102

Household Management 101 & 102:
Finding a Good Household Job and Cultivating
the Skills Needed to Earn More Money

In this two-day course, students learn real-life skills they can immediately apply to help them find a better job and earn more money.

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It’s not unusual for employers to ask domestic workers to run personal errands, schedule appointments, and prepare family meals. Yet, these responsibilities are not often perceived to be part of the work of being a nanny, a housekeeper, or an elderly care provider. Given that many domestic workers often engage in managerial tasks that help facilitate the smooth and efficient functioning of their employers’ homes, at DWU we have designed courses that help workers identify and market their already existing managerial skills, as well as improve on ones to help them better market themselves as professionals.

DWU’s Household Management 101 and 102 courses teach domestic workers the real-life skills they can use to compete in the domestic work market, and to secure better employment.

Course Highlights:

  • Presentation: How to look and speak like a professional
  • How to improve upon ones interviewing techniques
  • Cultivate the interpersonal skills needed to help workers find and maintain the best jobs
  • Identify and market the skills needed to help earn higher wages
  • Learn to recognize what employers want
  • Improve communication skills to better articulate and get what you want!
  • Learn how to write an excellent resume
  • Understand what a work benefit is, as well as understand the value of a work benefit
  • Better articulate ones terms when negotiating for higher wages
  • Know your rights as an employee!
At DWU we are passionate about empowering workers to stand up for their rights, as well as providing courses that can aid in cultivating the confidence and skills needed to professionalize and facilitate positive change. 




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